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Distance Learning Classrooms

Synchronous distance learning courses are those in which the teacher and students meet at the same time, but are separated by physical distance.  This approach can extend the reach of faculty to remote student populations, provide access to experts around the world, and support ongoing access to course content anywhere, at any time. 


UNF's DL synchronous courses are those which meet one of the following criteria:

  • Has one or more student groups that regularly meets in a remote location at the same time and connects to a live classroom on campus- e.g. a remote clinical site.
  • Has a F2F and DL course section cross-listed so that DL students can individually join remotely to participate in the class. 

Courses that meet these criteria and are scheduled in a DL classroom have a technician assigned to the course to provide training to the faculty member on use of equipment, support remote students connecting to the class, and ensure that any recordings are published to the course Canvas site in a timely manner (should the faculty member desire published recordings). DL classrooms may also be used by classes recording lectures/content for use in a future DL course.

Information Technology Services (ITS)  provides technical support for the use of UNF's distance learning classrooms. For more information about the the capacity of each room and to schedule training, please visit the ITS Telepresence page.


DL Classroom


There are currently four classrooms on campus with these specialized technologies and additional rooms will continue to be developed based on need. 
In order to make the best use of the resources in these rooms, each has a specialized scheduling priority. See the memos below for additional information. 


BCOH- 39A/1028 and 39A/1030

CCEC- 50/3104

COEHS- 57/2120


Questions about room scheduling may be directed to:

Jillian Gooding, Assistant Registrar/University Scheduler, x. 2691 or or

Jose Philip, Assistant Director Academic Technology x.5072, or


Questions about development of DL classrooms may be directed to:
Dr. Deb Miller, x.1416 or


Questions about support services for DL classrooms may be directed to:
Dr. Gordon Rakita, x. 1658 or