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Creating Narrated PowerPoint with Canvas Studio (formerly Arc) on Mac Computers

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want to narrate.  
  2. Log in to Canvas and click on the Arc icon located on the navigation menu on the left side of the window.
         Location of Canvas Studio in main interface
  3. Click the Record button at the top of the page and select “Screen Capture.”
    Web Record Button  Screen Capture Option
  4. If you have never used the Screen Capture tool this computer before you will be prompted to download and install the Screen Capture Application.
    1. Click the Download button.
      Arc Screen Recorder Download Screen  
    2. When the Screen Capture Application finishes downloading, click it to start the installation.
    3. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.  
  5. Once the Screen Capture Application is Installed, go back to your browser, and then click the Record button again.
  6. Select Screen Capture.
      Screen Capture Option
  7. The Launch Application window will appear. Screen Recorder Launcher should be selected. If it is not on the list, then you may need to install it again (see step 4).
  8. Click the Open Link button.
    Screenshot of the Mac application launcher  
  9. Click the Open button, when asked if you would like to open the Screen Recorder Launcher.
    Mac internet application warning message
  10. Click the OK button when prompted that the Screen Recorder Launcher would like to access the. microphone.
    Screenshot of the microphone access dialogue box

  11. The screen recorder will start.
  12. Configure the settings for the recording (Starting at the top)
    1. The default recording mode will only capture the screen. If you would like to capture the screen and your webcam, then click the Both button (Remember you can always remove the webcam video after you record if you do not want to use it).
    2. The default Size, Fullscreen, is correct for recording a PowerPoint Narration. If you have multiple monitors, make sure the recorder is on the monitor where the slides will be presented.
      Screenshot of the Mac screen recorder interface  
    3. Click Narration to select your microphone. If you have multiple microphones, choose the microphone you would like to use. When you click the microphone, the Microphone Volume Adjust window will appear.
        Screenshot of Mac narration options
      1. You may use this to adjust and test the microphone volume. Click the OK button when you are finished.
        Microphone controls dialogue box
  13. Once you have configured the setting for the screen recorder, start the PowerPoint show.
    1. In PowerPoint, click Slide Show.
    2. Choose From Beginning or From Current Slide depending on where you plan to start your narrated video.
        Screenshot - starting PowerPoint show
  14. Click on the Rec button in the screen recorder to start the recording, it will count down from 3 before starting to record.
    Screenshot - screen recorder record button
  15. Record your presentation.
  16. When you have finished or want to pause, click the red Pause button.
    Screenshot of the Mac pause button

    1. When you have finished or want to pause, click the red Pause button.
    2. To delete the recording, click the Trashcan button.
    3. To finish the presentation, click the Done button.

      Screenshot - screen recorder interface
  17. After clicking the Done button, Give your narration a title. You may leave the description blank but including one will make identifying your video easier in the future.
  18. Use the tabs at either end of the timeline to adjust the starting and ending points of the narration.
  19. Click the green Upload button to upload your video to Arc in Canvas.

     Screenshot - screen recorder upload interface

Please referrer to the Canvas guide: How do I embed Canvas Studio media in a course? for direction on adding your narrated lecture to your course.