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The OspreyPERCH athletics team has five mental health counselors and two mental performance coaches. These teams support athletes in need of mental health services for any reason. PERCH is very different from traditional counseling; working with other departments on campus to help students with their physical and mental well-being. PERCH offers unique services and partners like animal-assisted therapy and interventions with Campus Canines, equine-assisted interventions, integrative behavioral health with Exercise is Medicine, and Food is Medicine national initiatives. PERCH is also starting a support group for those who are either injured or getting ready to transition out of their sport. You can reach the team at or you can talk to an athletic trainer, coach, or academic advisor to get a referral to PERCH services. There is also printed information available throughout the training room, locker rooms, and other athletic facilities with a QR code to a self-referral form. The PERCH team looks forward to being part of your journey to becoming an exceptional person and athlete.

PERCH also provides mental performance services to teams. Individuals from teams working with Mental Performance can also receive individual sessions if needed. Student athletes have to be in top physical and mental condition to play their sport and balance education and work responsibilities. Sometimes athletes have trouble playing the mental game as well as the physical one. Staying present during practice/competitions, being consistent in your performance, and not letting an error dictate how games or practice go can be some of the benefits of mental performance. Athletic coaches determine at the beginning of each year the level of involvement their teams will have in the mental performance programs. If athletes would like to receive these services, their first conversation is with their coach.

PERCH Mental Performance program is led and supervised by Dr. Jessie Stapleton from the Brooks College of Health Exercise Science program.


The OspreyPERCH Residence Life office has four social work counseling interns and one Fellow counselor. Counseling services are provided to UNF students who live on campus and students who have been referred by the Dean of Students Office. The Residence Life office offers both individual and group counseling services. During individual counseling sessions, counselors work with clients to build trust and rapport, gather additional information about client needs, and develop treatment plans to help clients achieve their goals. Our office also offers experiential group counseling opportunities for students.

Experiential counseling or therapy differs from traditional talk therapy because it provides clients with opportunities to actively engage in experiences during their sessions. Art therapy is one of the examples that counselors use with students to help build more self-awareness. It can also be very beneficial for clients who witnessed and/or experienced traumatic events. Clients who experience trauma are often unable to verbalize their feelings relating to their trauma, so this type of intervention helps students express their feelings and emotions in non-verbal ways.

Group counseling is done with two counselors and a group of five to 18 students. These sessions focus on specific topics including anxiety, depression, anger issues, grief and loss, and addiction. Some students may prefer group counseling because it allows them to learn from others in the group. The environment creates a sense of belonging for the clients in the group. The interns this year have created a group to support introverted students who live on campus while last year they created an expressive arts group.

All counseling services are provided to students as part of their UNF tuition. There is no additional cost to students for individual or group sessions. If you are interested in counseling services, please contact We look forward to students coming to us for their counseling needs.

Student Health Services

OspreyPERCH Student Health Services has four counseling interns and one Fellow counselor. They work with providers offering mental health counseling to support the students who are referred by their providers. Student Health and Counseling services are provided to all those students seeking or considering counseling services for any reason.

After PERCH receives the referral, the student is contacted and offered a “screening” appointment. This appointment is an opportunity for a PERCH counselor to get to know the student’s needs and for the students to learn more about SHS and how help can be provided to reach their goals.

New this year, counselors are present with SHS each week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to –3 p.m. on Friday. Individual counseling services are offered.

The program will be expanding to offer experiential groups as well. Students may also experience "pop-up” groups around campus including a mini “Put Your Anxiety on Paws” opportunity to meet and interact with Bandit, a “Scholar with a Collar” and PERCH counselors.

All students are welcome to reach Student Health Services at when looking for support.