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Brooks College of Health

Meet our Counselors

Athletics and Equine-Assisted Therapies (EAT) 

Abigail Barnhard, BSW

Master of Social Work - Class of 2023 , OspreyPERCH Social Work Intern
Athletics/Equine Department  (she/her) 

After playing and coaching volleyball for most of her life, Abigail Barnhard found social work and it became her passion and main field of study. She played collegiate volleyball at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) in the 2014-2015 season and struggled greatly with a lack of resources for student-athlete mental health. Then, she went back to play at St. Johns River State College for the 2018-2019 season before transferring to the University of North Florida. Abigail graduated from UNF with her Bachelor’s in Social Work in May of 2022 and will graduate with a Master’s in Social Work in May of 2023. During her BSW studies, she interned at the Youth Crisis Center and was hired after graduation as the Referral Line Support Specialist. Abigail has a great deal of empathy for college students, especially student-athletes, so upon learning of OspreyPERCH’s Athletics and Sports Performance site, she felt very excited to be able to give back. After graduation, she intends to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a focus on young adults of any age, gender identity, or demographic.  

Mackenzie McGehee, B.S. 

Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Class of 2023, OspreyPERCH Counseling Intern
Athletics/Equine Department  (she/her) 

After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University in 2020, Mackenzie McGehee was excited to come back to her hometown to attend UNF for her Master's and serve her community. She is currently a second-year Clinical Mental Health Counseling student with a passion for providing mental health services through unique experiences with animals and nature. As an equestrian athlete herself, Mackenzie is a strong advocate for student athletes' mental health as well as building the field of equine-assisted therapies in counseling. Through an internship with PERCH, she is looking forward to working with UNF students and student-athletes, both on campus and at the farm with horses. Following graduation in 2023, Mackenzie hopes to continue working in the Jacksonville community sharing the many therapeutic benefits that can be found outside the walls of a typical counseling office. If she's not on campus, you'll probably find her at the barn with her horses, spending time with her sisters, or attempting to perfect a new cookie recipe. 

Bridget Miglio, B.S. 

Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Class of 2023   OspreyPERCH Counseling Intern
Athletics/Equine Department (she/her)  

Bridget Miglio is a counseling intern and graduate student. After graduating from the University of North Florida in 2020, she moved to Daytona and worked as a mental health technician at a local hospital. After a year, she returned to Jacksonville, continued her work as a mental health technician, and started her graduate program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Bridget has always been interested in psychology and helping others. She plans to work with college students who may need assistance and the tools to succeed in their education so that they can take the steps forward into their careers.

Andrea Cadavid headshot

Andrea Cadavid, B.S. 

Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Class of 2024   OspreyPERCH Student Assistant
Athletics/Equine Department  (she/her) 

Originally from Colombia, Andrea Cadavid came to the U.S. four years ago to get her Bachelor’s in Psychology. This is her first year in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and she will graduate in 2024. What attracted her to PERCH was its emphasis on increasing access to mental and physical health resources for students at UNF. Andrea was a student-athlete during her Bachelor’s degree program and witnessed many mental health issues in the sports world. She wants to help athletes and students reach their best potential and mental and physical wellness. When she's not in class or counseling sessions, you will most likely find her at the beach, working out, reading, or drinking coffee.

Gabriella Senior, MSH, ACSM-EP 

Exercise is Medicine Fellow & Kinesiology Research Assistant  OspreyPERCH Fellow
Exercise is Medicine  (she/her) 

Having received undergraduate and graduate degrees in the Department of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences at UNF, Gabriella Senior has been drawn to research with the hopes of seeking how to bridge her education with pediatric respiratory care. Currently, she is working with entities such as OspreyPERCH and Student Health Services on building what the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Exercise is Medicine Initiative® can look like on campus at UNF. Gabriella is hopeful that this project can shape how to help students at UNF feel healthier, be healthier, and have the resources at their disposal to do so. Over the years, UNF has introduced her to priceless friendships as well as mentors that have challenged her, supported her, and helped her clarify her intended path. Everything she has done thus far is a stepping stone in learning how to improve the quality of life in children with cystic fibrosis. Exercise has truly been medicine to Gabriella personally and she knows the potential it can have. While she is considering pursuing a Ph.D., she would be equally content if she is able to pursue this goal with the tools she has accumulated thus far. Whatever the future holds, Gabriella hopes to truly be a forever student and never stop learning how she can better help others. 

Alison Leapley-Williams, M.S., M.S.-CMHC

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern 
Sport Performance and Equine Credentials . OspreyPERCH Fellow – Athletics and Equine-Assisted Therapies  (she/her) 

Alison Leapley-Williams' love of sports and horses landed her with PERCH housed in Athletics and Equine therapy as a Registered Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern. If she is not here on campus or with horses, you can find her on the baseball field, basketball court or on the golf course watching her kids. She grew up playing just about every sport but was a competitive gymnast and swimmer from the ages of five to 19 when she was injured. After graduating with a Master’s in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention (strength and conditioning) in 2010, Alison began her first career in training. Deciding to go back to school for a second Master’s in Clinical Mental Health was a hard decision with four children but she believes it was completely worth the challenge. Not only did she graduate with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, but she obtained a certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy. Alison is on the cusp of obtaining her Certification as a Certified Mental Performance Coach (CMPC) from the Association of Applied Sports Psychology (AASP).  Alison is excited to incorporate horses into her work with clients in mental performance.

Campus-Wide Initiatives – Adventure-Based Counseling (ABC) 

Natalie Bartlett, B.S. 

Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Class of 2023   OspreyPERCH Counseling Intern
Adventure-Based Counseling (ABC)  (they/them) 

Natalie Bartlett, a non-binary queer individual, is currently working toward a Master's in Mental Health Counseling. Natalie graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management. It was through leading outdoor trips at South Alabama that Natalie learned the healing power and empowering nature of adventure. Natalie went on to work for Outward Bound’s Families in Need of Services program for four years, leading at-risk youth on canoeing trips on the rivers of Florida. In that time, Natalie realized they wanted to take that experience back to college students with an emphasis on mental health. In their free time, Natalie likes to rock climb, run, trail bike, play music, and love on their cats. Staying active keeps Natalie feeling like their best self and helps them manage stress.  

Natalie is joining the PERCH program because they want to meet students where they are and blend the outdoors with mental health counseling. After Natalie graduates in 2023, they plan to work with sexual, affectional, and gender–diverse youth/young adults in all areas of their lives. They specialize in helping individuals navigate LGBTQ+-specific life experiences such as the coming out process, exploring their identities, and processing their relationships. Natalie's overall mission is to help all underserved or never served minority populations access the outdoors to get the mental health care they deserve. You can find Natalie in the Student Wellness Complex or hanging around Eco Adventures. 

Sarah Bradley, B.S.W. 

Master of Social Work – Class of 2023 , OspreyPERCH Social Work Intern
Adventure-Based Counseling (ABC)  (she/her) 

Sarah Bradley earned her Bachelor's of Social Work at UNF and was not ready to leave the astounding environment of the University. She was drawn to the field of Social Work after being introduced to mental health services in high school and since then has been exploring how far-reaching these services are. Sarah says that OspreyPERCH perfectly coincides with her curiosity. She enjoys how the program incorporates a whole health approach to mental health because it is all connected. Post-graduation, Sarah hopes to find a way to apply this knowledge to work with students.

Trevor Lynch, M.S. – CMHC

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern 
Eco Adventure Credentials , OspreyPERCH Fellow – Adventure-Based Counseling (ABC)  (he/him) 

Trevor Lynch is a post–graduate Fellow with OpsreyPERCH located within the Adventure Based Counseling program. He has been working on campus as the Coordinator of the Osprey Challenge Course since 2018 and has a total of 10 years of experience in the outdoor field.  Trevor's journey started as a UNF student when he found the Eco Adventure program on campus.  It showed Trevor the outdoors and truly helped direct his life in a positive and healthy way.   

Trevor was attracted to the PERCH program due to their holistic approach to helping clients.  He says he is all about teamwork and utilizing different perspectives to help people, so the integrative approach PERCH implements is something he looks forward to being a part of.  Trevor's interests lay in using the natural world and adventure as a tool for resiliency and healing.  UNF’s campus has amazing resources such as the Nature Preserve, Eco Adventure, the Osprey Challenge Course, and the Ogier Gardens.   

As a post-graduate Fellow with the PERCH program, Trevor hopes to share the beautiful resources and help students learn to use them as a therapeutic tool for their mental health.  After he completes his fellowship and obtains his license, Trevor hopes to use his knowledge of the outdoor industry and his degree in counseling to help clients through adventure therapy.  If he's not on campus, you will most certainly find Trevor running the trails on campus or climbing at one of the local gyms.  Swing on by Eco Adventure and meet Trevor. He's always open for a chat.

ResLife and Dean of Students (DOS) 

Laura Belluccia, B.S. 

Master of Social Work – Class of 2025   OspreyPERCH Social Work Intern
ResLife and Dean of Students Office (DOS)  (she/her) 

Laura Belluccia has been at UNF since 2012 as an undergraduate student, an American Sign Language interpreter, and now as a graduate student.  Her experience thus far has guided her passion for advocacy and empowerment.  The transition to college life and adulthood is full of unknowns and adventure.  Laura is looking forward to working with and supporting the new and returning students during their University of North Florida experience.

Macey Faust, B.S.W. 

Master of Social Work - Class of 2023 , OspreyPERCH Social Work Intern
ResLife and Dean of Students Office (DOS)  (she/her) 

Macey Faust is a student at UNF who graduated in May 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She decided to continue her education and gain experience in clinical social work. She will spend the Fall and Spring semesters as an OspreyPERCH social work intern and plans to graduate in May 2023 with a Master's of Social Work. Macey says that she was initially drawn to social work due to its emphasis on social justice, but in her time as a student, she has become interested in working directly with clients in a therapeutic setting. Macey is a very open-minded person with many career interests, so she works to pinpoint how she wants to use her degree in the future. Macey was drawn to PERCH because of the many traditional and non-traditional ways they provide services for students. She plans to use the experiences she has with PERCH to help guide her to a more specified career path in the future.   

Marisa Garcia, B.S.W. 

Master of Social Work - Class of 2023 , OspreyPERCH Social Work Intern
ResLife and Dean of Students Office (DOS)  (she/her) 

Marisa Garcia is a Social Work Intern in DOS/ResLife. She just graduated with a BSW and started her MSW in the Summer of 2022. Marisa recently completed an internship with V for Victory, local nonprofit benefiting cancer patients, and their families. She chose to study social work because she believes in social justice and the importance of human relationships in the therapeutic process. She hopes to incorporate her love for music and art in future practices. Once Marisa graduates in the spring, she hopes to gain experience in hospice and palliative care while working toward acquiring clinical licensure. She also has interests in policy/macro social work, LGBTQIA+ youth, and research She hopes to give back to the mental health profession and become an instructor of social work one day. 

Jacqueline Carvallo, B.S.W. 

Master of Social Work - Class of 2023   OspreyPERCH Social Work Intern
ResLife and Dean of Students Office (DOS)  (she/her) 

Jacqueline Carvallo has been at UNF since the summer of 2018.  After receiving her Bachelor's in social work in 2022, she immediately entered the graduate program at UNF.  She decided to become a social worker because she feels that she resonates with the values of the profession and she wants to help guide individuals and groups toward enhancing their well-being.  The populations that Jacqueline feels the strongest pull towards working with are those with mental health concerns, the homeless and impoverished, and those struggling with substance use.  Her interest in mental health is what has led her to accept an internship with PERCH.  After graduation in the spring of 2023, Jacqueline plans to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Matthew Wehrle, M.S.W. 

Registered Social Work Intern  OspreyPERCH Fellow
ResLife and Dean of Students (DOS)  (he/him) 

Matt Wehrle is a Post-Graduate Fellow for the Residence Life and Dean of Students offices.  He received his Master of Social Work degree from UNF in May 2022.  Matt was a student counseling intern with PERCH last year.  The internship helped him gain valuable knowledge and experience in integrating traditional therapeutic approaches with other creative modalities including expressive arts and journaling.  He is excited to be back with PERCH while he pursues his goal of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In his free time, Matt enjoys reading, going to the gym, and spending time with family and friends.

Student Health Services

Hannah Lovett, B.S. 

Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling- Class of 2023 , OspreyPERCH Counseling Intern
Student Health Services  (SHS)  (she/her) 

Hannah Lovett received her B.S. degree in Psychology from UNF in 2021 and is currently in her second year in UNF’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s program. As a long-time UNF student and Jacksonville resident, she has learned to love the UNF campus and community and all the resources they offer to help students grow in all aspects of their lives. Hannah says she appreciates how PERCH provides holistic healing and prevention services to our campus community and she is so excited to be part of the team. She became interested in the field of mental health through years of volunteer experience and learning opportunities with military families, children, refugees, and low SES (social economic status) populations. As an Asian-Pacific Islander woman, Hannah is passionate about breaking mental health stigmas and barriers to care that often exist in racial/ethnic minority groups. She loves UNF and looks forward to helping others feel safe, heal, and grow here. She also loves being out in nature and hopes to share the beauty of this campus with her clients.

Benjamin Milano, B.S. 

Master of Social Work- Class of 2024 , OspreyPERCH Social Work Intern
Student Health Services (SHS)  (he/him) 

Ben Milano graduated from Florida State University three years ago with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. At the time, he knew he needed to spend some time figuring out what career path was going to be the right fit for him. He has spent time in many different fields - working with special needs children, in laboratories researching drug and alcohol abuse, and in corporate America doing sales/marketing. Ben's career experiment has now ended, and he has decided that he wants to pursue becoming the therapist he would have benefited from over these last four to five years. With that in mind, he is now a first-year Master's of Social Work Intern and is excited to be back in a position where his skills and interests are aligned. When Ben isn't working, he enjoys reading, playing music/watching live music, lifting weights, and spending time with those who are close to him.   

He believes it is a common experience for college students to feel lost and anxious while attempting to sort out their future and figure out who they are. That was his personal experience. Today his aim is to meet students where they are with authenticity, openness, and compassion. 

Delane Johnson, BSW. 

Master of Social Work- Class of 2023 , OspreyPERCH Social Work Intern
Student Health Services (SHS)  (she/her) 

Delane Johnson graduated in the Spring of 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and started the Master’s of Social Work program right after. Throughout her undergraduate study, Delane interned at various oncology facilities which led her to a love for medical social work. She is especially interested in the relationship between cancer, chronic illnesses, and other medical conditions and our mental health throughout that journey. Delane was drawn to PERCH for the student health center placement as well as wanting to learn more about holistic health approaches in the mental health field. After graduating with an MSW, Delane plans to continue her work toward becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In her free time, she likes to bake, exercise, be outdoors, and watch movies. She would love to incorporate nature into her counseling practice.

Campus Canines & Admin

Maxine Christie, B.S.H. 

OspreyPERCH Administrative Coordinator  
Campus Canines Coordinator (she/her) 

Max Christie is happy to be working at PERCH after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Health Studies from UNF in August 2022. She fell in love with PERCH through her internship as a Referral Specialist, and she says it makes her very happy to work with all of the amazing counselors in PERCH, especially since she gets to help keep everyone on the same page as a team. Max believes the de-stigmatization of mental health treatment should be a priority for all universities. She loves working for a program that concentrates on shattering the stigma and embeds mental health-focused resources in strenuous aspects of college life. She also adores getting to work with the Campus Canines volunteers. "It is truly fulfilling to watch the therapeutic process between dog and client," she says. When she is not in her office, you can find Max at the beach, reading, doing yoga, or hanging out with her boyfriend and their three dogs and one cat.

OspreyPERCH Leadership

Dr. Carlene H. Taylor, LMHC-QS, ESMLH, ERYT  

Clinical Assistant Professor  OspreyPERCH Program Director – Co-Author 
Animal-Assisted Interventions in Healthcare Initiative Director  (she/her) 

Dr. Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Qualified Counselor Supervisor in both Florida and Georgia, and National Board-Certified. Additionally, Dr. Taylor holds a Georgia Professional Teaching Certificate in School Counseling.   

She and her K-9 partner, Eli, are registered with the AKC and the Pet Partners Program as a Therapy Dog/Handler Team, and Dr. Taylor is a Licensed Pet Partners Team Evaluator.  

Dr. Taylor is also registered with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered as an Experienced Yoga Teacher with specialized training in yoga for general mental health and trauma treatment.  

She is most recognized in the UNF community as a leader and advocates for Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling and Integrative Healthcare through the Spirituality, Creativity, Animals, and Nature  (SCAN) in Healthcare Initiative within the Brooks College of Health.  

She is passionate about the implementation science research approach to innovative program development, which led to the creation of OspreyPERCH (Prevention, Early Intervention, Resiliency through Counseling, and Holistic Health). Dr. Taylor is engaged in community-based research with several partners including:     

  • The Nemours Assisted Dog And Pony Therapy (ADAPT) program at Nemours Children’s Health in Jacksonville,  
  • The Baptist Health Foundation,  
  • Child Guidance Center and  
  • other community mental health agencies in the local Jacksonville community. 

Prior to joining the faculty at UNF, Dr. Taylor served for more than 20 years in clinical practice in numerous administrative and clinical leadership positions working to expand high-quality clinical care to underserved populations. She is a nationally recognized expert in Human-Animal Interaction, Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling, and Childhood Sexual Abuse. Her practice specialties have included working experientially with children and adolescents who have experienced sexual trauma and those who additionally became sexual offenders. In a related capacity, she provided forensic interviewing and offender risk assessment, and expert testimony in cases involving child abuse for both Georgia and Florida Superior Courts.  

Melissa S. Miller, M.S.W, LCSW 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, UNF Counseling Center, OspreyPERCH Clinical Director 
OspreyPERCH Clinical Supervisor of ResLife & DOS Team  (she/her) 

Melissa Miller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her Bachelor's of Social Work and Masters of Social Work degrees from Florida Atlantic University. She is currently working toward her Doctorate in Social Work through the University of Tennessee. Melissa is trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy to assist those experiencing post-traumatic stress, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and The Gottman Method of couple's counseling. She is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist through Trauma Institute International. She has experience and clinical interest in psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, codependency, identity development, and stress management. She also has work experience with crisis intervention, domestic violence, family counseling, and case management. Melissa utilizes a variety of treatment modalities to meet the needs of her clients, including solution-focused therapy, person-centered therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. In her free time, she enjoys reading, practicing Pilates, cuddling with her dog, and spending time outdoors with friends and family.


Licensed Professional Counselor/Licensed Mental Health Counselor 
OspreyPERCH Clinical Supervisor of Sport Performance and Equine-Assisted Therapy  HORSE Therapies  (she/her) 

Debra Tait was invited to join PERCH in the Fall 2021. She has practiced as a licensed clinician since 2013 and maintains licensure in Georgia and Florida. Over the past 25 years, she has worked with children, adults, and families in the social work and mental health fields, predominantly providing services in non-traditional treatment settings including offering in-home services, performing crisis assessments in hospital settings, and facilitating equine psychotherapy at several farms in Georgia and Florida. She says her passion is facilitating therapeutic experiences by supporting a relationship between humans and horses that results in improved self-awareness, increased confidence, and intrinsic trust that empowers a person to make the decisions needed for his or her desired change to occur and to move through life in a healthier way. Debra's office locations include the PERCH office suite on the UNF campus, an off-campus location at the UNF-HEALTH farm program at Hunter’s Run in Ponte Vedra, and private practice. She is excited each year to meet the PERCH team and provide support, supervision, and training to PERCH Interns and UNF Alumni Registered Interns.

Dr. Jessie Stapleton, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor – Exercise Science 
Osprey Athletics Mental Performance Coach  (she/her) 

Dr. Jessie Stapleton is an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology in the Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida. "Dr. J" – as she is frequently called – serves as a Mental Performance Consultant for Osprey Athletics and USA Para Powerlifting. She and her canine teammate, Zion, are a registered Pet Partners Therapy Team in collaboration with OspreyPERCH and UNF Campus Canines. Dr. J is also a competitive athlete and avid traveler. Zion "Zi" Stapleton is a Landseer Newfoundland beloved for his giant stature and sweet disposition. Zi enjoys sunset strolls, lounging with loved ones, meeting new friends (two- and four-legged), and peanut butter—most of all—peanut butter.

OspreyPERCH Marketing 

Mary Bennett Harvey, APR

OspreyPERCH Marketing

Mary Bennett Harvey is a public relations and marketing communications consultant in Northeast Florida with more than 25 years of experience working in an agency and corporate communications. Currently, she is a consultant and recruiter and is a mentor to UNF communications students assigned to work with PERCH. Mary and her Chocolate Lab (not pictured – those are her dachshunds), Anna Clair, volunteer as an R.E.A.D.® (Reading Education Assistance Dog) team at a local elementary school and participate in other animal-assisted interventions when possible.Anna is registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Intermountain Therapy Animals. If she's not at home with her four canine friends, Mary and her husband, Jim, are most likely exploring the waterways on their boat, Phantom of the Aqua.