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Osprey Fountain

Fallen Ospreys

Welcome to the Fallen Ospreys page. Please join us in using this space to honor our Ospreys who have passed away this year. We hope you use this as a space to celebrate life and the achievements of these amazing members of the Osprey family. We are all Ospreys together. 

Fallen Ospreys during 2020


The University has received notice of the names currently featured. If there is a name missing, please submit using the Honor a Fallen Osprey button.

To honor a Fallen Osprey, share a name or memory, please click on the button below:

Everything about Tristan will always be something to be remembered. His smile/smirk is what remains most memorable to me, a facial expression that held so many meanings. Tristan will forever be someone near to my heart & his life will ring a testament to what I want for myself.

A favorite quote of mine:
“Where there is grief, there is great love. Be what you miss of those you have lost.”


-Sara Hollifield

Sam gave us many special memories, he followed his dream he always wanted to Serve his country even though it was short he followed his dream, he will always be with us.


-Phyllis Harvey

Doug was an honored member of the library staff for over 18 years. He was a friendly caring person who always had a big smile for anyone who approached his desk.


-Dee Robertson-Lee

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