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Course Review

Before you deliver a fully online course or a hybrid course with an online component, you should consider conducting a thorough review the logistical, technological, and pedagogical aspects of the course. A review of the logistical components would include (at minimum) navigating through the entire course in “student” view to ensure the course does not present undesirable obstacles for your students. A review of the technological components of the course should also be conducted through the “student” view and would involve (at minimum) checking all the links, downloading/viewing all the documents, and interacting with all the instructional media.


UNF faculty who would like to have their online courses reviewed by professionally trained online course builders have the option to request feedback from an instructional designer or submit their courses for official Quality Matters review.

Course Feedback

As the course instructor, you should always plan to review every aspect of the course before it's delivered to students each semester. If you are delivering your course for the first time, you may also want to schedule a consultation with an instructional designer to discuss your course. The instructional designer will be able to provide feedback in five main areas:

  • Design and Format
  • Technology and Media
  • Accessibility and UDL
  • Communication
  • Student Analytics

Quality Matters

Once you have developed and delivered your fully online course at least once, you may want to have it reviewed using more rigorous research-based standards. For this, UNF has adopted Quality Matters (QM) to better develop, maintain, and review our online course offerings. QM is a nationally recognized faculty-centered process that focuses on research-based best practices to ensure quality in distance learning. CIRT is committed to implementing the QM standards and systematically builds and evaluates online courses based on these rigorous, research-based standards.