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About Canvas

UNF adopted Canvas as its Learning Management System (LMS) in the spring of 2016. Canvas is a next-generation cloud-native LMS. Its clean and simple layout allows instructors to set up course content and tools efficiently, while students easily navigate course sites and submit work.

Canvas offers student tracking and reporting to provide instructors with insight into student activity and progress. The Canvas app supports most course features on iOS and Android mobile devices and instructors can use the SpeedGrader iPad/Android app to make routine grading more efficient. Users can make audio and video posts to discussions with just a few clicks, and instructors can leave video or audio comments when grading assignments using a webcam or microphone. CIRT offers workshops and training materials for instructors. We can also provide one-on-one consultations and specialized department workshops.

Course & Account Retention 

Term-based courses will be removed 5 years after the end of the term in which they were taught. User accounts are subject to UNF's general account retention policies.

System Management

Canvas is managed at UNF by the Learning Management System (LMS) Team. This team consists of representatives from Information Technology Services (ITS), the Center for Instruction & Research Technology (CIRT), and the Registrar's Office who meet regularly and jointly make strategic and operational decisions regarding the Canvas. ITS provides integration, development, and technical support for the system, and CIRT serves as the functional and operational owner of the application.

The LMS Team is responsible for ensuring that Canvas meets the needs of the campus community, particularly in regards to supporting teaching and learning, and so regularly provides reports to, seeks input from, and vets proposed changes through the Faculty Association's Campus Technology Committee (CTC) and the university's Distance Learning Committee (DLC).