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Student Accessibility Services

What We Do

Our Mission

The THRIVE program is unique to UNF and provides supplemental resources for degree-seeking students with ASD at the UNF. THRIVE focuses on four primary areas of need:

  • Social skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Career development skills
  • Executive functioning skills

THRIVE aims to help students achieve competency in these crucial skills for use both within and outside the college setting, preparing them for life beyond UNF. Autism affects individuals in different ways, which is why THRIVE is not a one-size-fits-all program; our ever-developing supports are designed to meet the individual needs of each student. Participation in THRIVE is voluntary, and students who put in the effort will get the most out of the program.  For more detailed information on what THRIVE can (and cannot) do, see Functions of THRIVE.

The THRIVE Community

In addition to academic support, THRIVE prides itself on offering opportunities to connect with other students on the spectrum and people/organizations in the Jacksonville community.

THRIVE Social Events

Members of THRIVE have the opportunity to interact with like-minded students in the program and form long-lasting friendships through social events hosted by THRIVE staff.  Movie nights, beach trips, and game afternoons are just a few of the fun events that THRIVE students can attend!

THRIVE does NOT pay for students to attend events or purchase food, or offer transportation.  For events such as going to the movies, museums, arcades, etc. students are responsible for any costs to participate and finding transportation (students in the program often offer rides, but availability is not guaranteed).

Jacksonville Connections

THRIVE's connections with organizations outside UNF gives students opportunities to engage with the community.  These opportunities are learning experience for THRIVE students as well as the people they engage with.  Volunteering, career fairs, and other types of community involvement encourage THRIVE students to become active and contributing members of the surrounding Jacksonville area.
On campus, THRIVE has built and maintained successful partnerships with campus organizations, clubs, and departments including the counseling center, the LGBT center, Housing & Residence life, Greek life, the SAS, and the center for Academic Excellence.