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Movies on the House


Your ticket to the greatest films you have never seen. 

Some of the finest, provocative, beautifully made and stirring films don’t make it to the multiplex theaters. Or if they do, they disappear too quickly for most of us to see. MOTH is here to bring you, for free, some of the world’s greatest films that may have escaped your attention. MOTH screens films at the Andrew A. Robinson Jr. Theater on the UNF campus, and downtown at MOCA Jacksonville. Every week you have a chance to see the finest achievements in cinema. We scour the underground, the festivals, and the world, to give you must-see films that will warm, singe or burn you. If you can take the heat, come to the light.

For the safety of everyone, all showing for the semester have been cancelled and will reconvene in the Fall semester, if possible. In the meantime, we would like you to follow our Recommended Films that we WOULD have loved to see with you. 

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History of MOTH

In 1998, UNF President Fretwell wanted to create a community centered on cinema. He established a fund that could provide students, faculty, staff and the wider community with great films to ponder, discuss, debate, be outraged and be moved by. He knew that film was the source of our most widely shared stories, and that watching films together helps us understand each other in a way that can never happen by watching films alone on our laptops, phones and televisions. With the generous and unwavering support of President John Delaney, and now President Symanski, MOTH will continue to bring us together around a love of film.

The series was first housed at Regal Cinema on Beach Blvd. Following a generous donation of 35mm film equipment from Regal Inc, we began projecting films on campus. Now with HD digital replacing 35mm film, we project films in Andrew A. Robinson Jr. Theater's newly renovated screening rooms, and in the screening room of MOCA Jacksonville downtown.  

Past Movies

Recommended Films