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Interfaith Week


The purpose of Interfaith Week is to raise awareness about the diversity of ideological and religious frameworks in America and to provide opportunities for UNF students to engage in respectful dialogue with students from different backgrounds. For 2018, we have two Interfaith Weeks! One in Spring, and one in Fall. 


Fall 2018 Interfaith Week: Monday, Oct. 29 - Friday, Nov. 2


Thank you to all of our volunteers and to everyone who came out to our 11th Interfaith Week in Spring 2018! See below for our events from our 12th Interfaith Week, and keep an eye out for our next Interfaith Week coming October 21!


Interfaith Week Kickoff on the Green


Meet us at our table on the Green for breakfast and coffee and share with us how you make magic every day! With guest appearance by THE DOME.  

Coffee and Conversation: Speed-faithing


A round robin where you can learn from various worldviews such as Muslim, Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Baha’i and more! 

Interfaith Week Keynote: Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts


Co-host of the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Vanessa Zoltan leads us through a chapter of the books as if it was a sacred text from which we could learn valuable lessons. 

Interfaith Storytelling at Market Days


Share stories of faith and worldviews over refreshments at Market Days.

Spiritual Practices Fair


What is a “spiritual practice”? Come explore a variety of ways to pray, reflect, meditate, and practice spirituality with the Chaplains and students from various religious traditions. Feel free to stop in as you are available to check out a variety of facilitated and self-guided stations. Snacks will be provided.