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Equal Opportunity and Inclusion



VOL. 3 , ISSUE 8
March 2023

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What is a Responsible Employee?

Per UNF Regulation 1.005R, Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Sexual Harassment, a “Responsible Employee" is “an individual who is required to promptly report allegations of Sexual Misconduct by or against any member of the University Community to the University's Title IX Coordinator.” All University faculty and staff, including full or part-time positions and OPS employees, are Responsible Employees under this Regulation, except Confidential Employees.

If an individual alleges that they have been subjected to Sexual Misconduct of a criminal nature, if the alleged victim consents, a Responsible Employee should also contact the University Police Department (UPD).

Student employees are only Responsible Employees if they are employed in the following positions or areas:

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants;
  • The Athletics department; or
  • UNF Housing and Residence Life.

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Requirements for Responsible Employees

Responsible Employees and those designated as Campus Security Authorities must report allegations of Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. Additionally, anyone who interacts in our University Community and believes that they have experienced, learned of, or witnessed a violation of this Regulation is required to report the matter to the Title IX Coordinator.

Responsible Employees are asked to promptly share all information they have about the incident disclosed with the Title IX Coordinator. You are encouraged to use the Maxient  Reporting Form to convey this information. The expectation is inclusive of experiences that happened off-campus; rumors or partial information; stalking; abusive relationships; sexual assault; and gender-based harassment.

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Responsible Employee FAQ's

Why are Responsible Employees required to contact the Title IX Office with information regarding sexual misconduct when the situations do not involve the Reporter?

There are two main reasons:

  1. To ensure that students receive consistent, accurate information about the resources and options available from trained persons positioned to assist them.
  2. To ensure that students have access to supportive measures to address any emerging or ongoing challenges.

What if the student told me the information and asked that I not share the information with anyone, do I still have to notify the Title IX Office?

YES. Responsible Employees ARE NOT confidential resources and are REQUIRED by the federal government to provide the information that they know to the Title IX Office EVEN IF the student wants to keep the situation confidential.

What is a Confidential Employee?

A "Confidential Employee" is an individual who learns of allegations of Sexual Misconduct while working in their counseling capacity, including individuals employed within the University's Women's Center, the Victim Advocacy Program, Student Health Services, the PERCH Program, the Counseling Center, other mental health professionals at the University, and the Ombuds. Individuals supervised by such Confidential Employees are also Confidential Employees themselves.

What are the types of actions that Responsible Employees are required to report?

  1. Cyberstalking
  2. Dating violence
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Making a False Report
  5. Indecent Exposure
  6. Non-consensual sexual contact
  7. Non-consensual sexual intercourse
  8. Obstruction of a Sexual Misconduct Proceeding
  9. Sexual exploitation
  10. Sexual assault
  11. Sexual coercion
  12. Sexual Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment
  13. Stalking
  14. Unlawful possession of or administration of date rape drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB, Burundanga, Ketamine, or alcohol, in order to engage in other conduct that violates this Regulation
  15. Voyeurism

A student tells his Professor about an incident that potentially violates the university’s Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Sexual Harassment Regulation. The Professor relays this information to the Chair of his department. How many reports should be filed with EOI?

Two reports should be filed with EOI. Both the student's professor and the Chair of the department should complete and file separate reports with EOI detailing the information that is available at the time of the report. It is important to note that even if someone else knows the information, each Responsible Employee is responsible for reporting the incident independently.

After reporting the known information to EOI, what is the Reporter responsible for doing?

Nothing. Once you report the information that you know to EOI, your part in the process is complete. However, you must promptly report any new information received to EOI.

I want to make sure the information is correct before I share it with EOI. That means I have to speak with the persons who provided the information. My supervisor said I probably should not do that. Why? Doesn’t EOI need accurate claims?

If you have received information regarding a claim of discrimination, including gender discrimination, it is important to follow the proper procedures to ensure an accurate investigation. The EOI office is designated to investigate such claims and strict timelines must be followed. If you decide to speak with persons who provided the information, they may assume they are participating in an investigation and may be unwilling to speak with EOI employees later. This can jeopardize the investigation process and the outcome. Additionally, conducting your own inquiries goes against UNF's printed procedures and may lead to issues during audits. It is important to follow proper procedures and allow the EOI office to conduct a complete investigation.

As a Responsible Employee, will I be informed of the outcome of the EOI investigation?

You will be notified when the investigation is concluded, but you will not be informed of the investigation's outcome. Only parties involved in the case are informed of the result. However, the Vice President of Administration and Finance, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, University Compliance Officer, Associate Director of Employee and Labor Relations, and Senior Associate General Counsel receive copies of the closure notices.

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