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Equal Opportunity and Inclusion

Quick Guide For Filling Full-Time Faculty Positions

The University has established the following procedures in order to establish an orderly and consistent process for the recruitment and appointment of full-time faculty. Please review the Faculty Employment Policy and the  For more information Modified Search for Visiting Faculty for additional information. 

There are four main objectives central to the University's faculty recruitment and appointment policy:

  1. to recruit and appoint the best qualified persons in a nondiscriminatory manner with respect to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, veteran's status, sexual orientation, and/or disability;
  2. to ensure that the criteria used for hiring instructional faculty are job related and meet accreditation requirements regarding faculty credentials;
  3. to ensure that documentation is on file demonstrating the required qualifications regarding individual faculty criteria; and
  4. to ensure diversity in areas where under-utilization of women and minorities is found. 

Step 1: Authorization to Recruit

  1. Academic Affairs, Department Deans and Budget Office will provide authorization to recruit. Please ensure that you have prior authorization to recruit before beginning the recruitment request process.
    • Contact AA at (904) 620-2700 with questions. 

Step 2: Recruitment

  1. Review the search and screen policies for faculty employment.
  2. Create the recruitment request. Review the OASys training resources for guidance in creating recruitment requests, adding search committee members, and utilizing various features (e.g., reference letter) within OASys.
  3. Recruitment requests will route through the department, budget, and Human Resources for review before being posted. HR will review the posting to ensure all fields are completed appropriately, language is consistent, appropriate, and clear, search committee members and search schedule is complete, and application instructions/requirements are consistent. 
  4. Search committees are required for full-time faculty appointments. Please review the search committee guidelines webpage for additional requirements and information for search committees.
  5. Any requests to post in external advertisements must be included in the recruitment request and be approved by Human Resources. Departments should review the Diversity Recruitment Resources Guide to assist in identifying external ad opportunities.
  6. After the recruitment request has been posted in OASys, only HR-approved advertisements and/or postings may be placed in outside journals, publications and web sites.

Step 3: Receiving and Reviewing Applications

  1. Applicants submit applications online via OASys, unless arranged as a reasonable accommodation for persons with certain disabilities. Applicants must fully complete the application and provide all documents as indicated on the posting in order for their application to be considered complete.
  2. No applications, resumes or other materials are permitted to be accepted by the department unless submitted via OASys or specifically requested within the recruitment request. Applicants experiencing technical difficulties should contact HR via
  3. At the close of the application review date or deadline date, the Hiring Official or committee chair can request the posting be Closed by HR.
  4. Applications should be evaluated consistently based on the required and preferred qualifications listed on the posting. 

Step 4: Interviews

  1. Hiring department/committee must request interview pool approval for each interview stage. To request interview pool approval, email your designated Employment Coordinator with your list of candidates. Please also be sure to provide the position/posting number. 
    • When scheduling interviews, change the statuses of the applicants you want to interview to either "Telephone/zoom Interview" or "Campus Interview."
  2. Conduct the interviews. Telephonic and on-campus interviews are expected. Zoom is also acceptable.

Step 5: Hiring Process

  1. Complete reference checks on the final candidate(s) using employment verification (telephone) form.
  2. Request official transcripts and three (3) official letters of reference if not already received.
  3. Complete the faculty employment recommendation packet and submit to the Provost through your Dean who must approve the hire before an offer is made.
  4. The Hiring Proposal must be submitted in OASys for Dean/Director/Department Head approval. Review the OASys Hiring Proposal Guide for instructions and required supporting documentation.
  5. Once the Hiring Proposal has been approved in OASys by the Dean/Director/Department Head, the verbal job offer may be extended.
  6. Upon acceptance of the verbal offer, the Dean/Director/Department Head will move the Hiring Proposal to "Offer Accepted" and again to "Initiate Background Check."
  7. Email the new employee the letter of offer to be signed and returned. See sample letters.
  8. Upon completion of the background check, HR will transition the Hiring Proposal to Academic Affairs for final review and confirmation of position details. After the position has been reviewed by AA, HR will approve the Hiring Proposal and notification of approval will be sent to the Initiator and Dean/Director/Department head.
  9. After the Hiring Proposal has been approved, fill the posting.-
    1. Change all of the applicant statuses.
      • The new employee's applicant status will automatically change to "Hired."
      • All other applicant statuses should be set to "Not Selected- No Email" or "Not Selected-Email at Filled," along with the corresponding reason for non-selection. Applicants should receive notice of non-selection. Departments who prefer to send notice within OASys should select an "Email at Filled" workflow state. Departments who opt to send notice outside of OASys may use the "No Email" workflow state.
    2. Change the status of the recruitment request to "Fill".
      • Once the recruitment request is filled, an EPAF will be generated and route through budget and HR before being applied.

Step 6: Close of Search 

  1. Forward the official search and recruitment file (all documents pertaining to the search) to HR for archives. Search files do not need to include information recorded in OASys or personal notes.
  2. Ensure new employee has been provided any department specific information critical to their first day of work. HR and AA will reach out to new faculty regarding new faculty orientation as applicable.

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