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Emergency Management
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Plans and Procedures Bomb Threat or Suspicious Package

Procedures and Checklist for a Bomb Threat

If a telephone call or information is received stating a bomb is somewhere on the campus:

  • Write down the caller's phone number as shown on the campus phone caller ID and record the time of call, length of call, any distinguishing characteristics of the caller's voice, to include male/female, accent, age, etc., and the possible location.
  • Do not interrupt the called. Keep the caller talking (pretend difficulty with hearing).
  • Be calm, be courteous, and listen to the caller. Notify UPD while the caller is on the line (if possible).
  • Do not hang up the phone when the call is completed. Keep the line open or place it on "hold".
  • Contact the UPD and advise them of the call, and provide the details.

Write down as much of the following information as possible:

Number displayed on the campus phone caller ID:

Date and time of the call:

Length of the call:

Number at which the call was received:

Origin of the Call: Was the caller local or long distance? Was the call made from a campus phone line?

Caller's identity: Did the caller sound male or female? Did the caller sound like an adult or a juvenile? How old the caller sound?

Voice characteristics of the caller: Loud, soft, high pitch, deep, raspy, pleasant, intoxicated, or something else?

Manner: Calm, angry, rational, irrational, coherent, incoherent, deliberate, emotional, righteous, laughing

Speech of the caller: Fast, slow, distinct, distorted, stutter, nasal, slurred, lisp

Accent: Did the caller have an accent and if so, what did it sound like?

Background noises: Quiet, street traffic, office machines, music, voices, animals, party, bedlam, trains, airplanes, mixed

Questions to ask:

  • When will it go off?
  • Where is it located?
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • Where are you calling from?
  • What is your name and address?

Suspicious package

If a suspicious package is discovered on the campus, immediately contact the University Police Department (911) and provide as much information as possible. At a minimum, provide a description of the suspicious package and any specific characteristics. Do not touch the package and step away from it.

Mail Safety:

Suspicious Package - Rules of Thumb, be cautious of:

  • Grease Stains or Discoloration
  • Odors
  • Protruding Wires or Metal
  • Excessive Weight/Postage/Securing Materials (tape, string, etc.)
  • Lopsided/Uneven
  • Hand Written Address
  • No Return Address
  • Misspelled Words
  • Confidential, Personal, Open only by ________, and etc.
  • Foreign Mail

Opened Package - If an open package contains an unknown substance:

  • Place it down immediately and gently.
  • Do not shake, empty or do anything that would make the substance become airborne.
  • If available secure the package in a plastic bag.
  • Do not move the package.
  • Close doors, windows and (if possible) shutdown ventilation systems.
  • Do not allow others to enter the area.
  • Leave the room and quarantine yourself.
  • Notify the UPD (911):
  • Take all instances seriously
  • Isolate the area
  • Quarantine any affected individuals
  • Contact EH&S/UPD
  • Remain calm