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Swoopin' Up the Butts

Together the Environmental Center and Healthy Ospreys are Swoopin’ up the Butts! This collaborative initiative to keep the campus butt free is taking place every Friday at noon at locations around the University of North Florida. All cigarette receptacles were removed when the campus became smoke free Aug. 1. These cleanups are a fun way to help keep the university litter free during this important transition. More

Beyond the Trail Park Discovery Series

The Beyond the Trail Park Discovery Series will allow students to get a taste of what it is like to manage our local city, state and national parks. Students will learn first hand from park staff how parks and preserves are managed, and also learn how countless volunteers and community groups aid with management efforts and wildlife protection. Each event in the series will highlight a different city, state or national park in Northeast Florida and a unique element of that park. Students who participate will have the opportunity to network with business and environmental leaders from within the community. More

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