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USPA Book Club

Do you like reading? Do you want to like reading? Do you want to get to know other USPA members that like reading? This is the place for you! Our former USPA President, Ted Hornoi-Centerwall, has graciously volunteered to help us get our first USPA special interest group started. The USPA Book Club is not like your traditional book club where everyone reads the same book and gets together to discuss it. The USPA Book Club will give employees an opportunity to get together and share books they have read and found to be interesting and worthwhile. This will allow people that attend the meetings to learn about different books and share their thoughts and experiences on their book selection. If you would like to learn more about the book club or if you’d like to attend, please reach out to Ted in the Library.  

Contact: Ted Hornoi-Centerwall at or (904) 620-1525  
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