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UNF John Delaney Student Union


June 22, 2021: A&P Committee appointments

Please review the current list of A&P Committee appointments on our Officers & Committees page

May 12, 2021: Gabor/UNF Foundation Award 

This year the Gabor Award went to a staff member who might work the farthest outside of their job description than anyone on campus. Nancy served the University community in a number of ways by participating in countless committees, engaging in mental health awareness efforts and caring deeply about the well-being of students on campus. Nancy puts the students at the center of every decision and her genuine care also shows up in the quality of her work. Nancy worked diligently to transition her department to the virtual workspace and assisted the entire campus community during the transition as well. She works tirelessly with campus constituencies to promote and foster campus-wide engagement and works to enhance the overall strategic plan of the University. On campus, Nancy served in a volunteer position for several years, which included several leadership transitions, where her constant voice was one of comfort and reassurance. In addition to her campus-wide community service, which sometimes includes bringing her own dog - Hooper - to campus as part of the animal assisted therapy initiative, she also is a long-time member of the UNF Athletics Hall of Fame Committee, coordinates Athletic Department community service efforts and is part of the ESPN+ on-air broadcast team! Our 2021 winner often steps out of the spotlight but we are happy to celebrate her as our Gabor Award winner this year for being an exemplary employee, campus leader, and guiding force for the A&P Association!

2021 Gabor Award Runner-Up: Tara Rowe

2021 Gabor Award Finalists: Jennifer Nutt, Erin Davis, Michael McGuire, Marla Lewis, Megan Porter, Melonie Handerson

May 12, 2021: A&P Annual Meeting 

 State of the Association - Rachel Winter, A&P President

Looking ahead: Adding members to A&P Steering Committee and reviving group

Adding a Fall semester service project

Future Town Hall events - working with President's Office 

 Treasurers Report - Meghan Hull, A&P Treasurer

 University Updates Panel - Scott Bennett; Whitney Meyer; John Kantner

 Surviving COVID Fatigue/Workplace Re-integration - Carlene Taylor; Ashley Ballard