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Academic Continuity

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Recommendations for Ensuring Academic Continuity

Preparing for continuity of instruction in the event of emergencies that disrupt the normal academic schedule provides stability for students and ensures that a higher rate of students maintain academic progress during interruptions due to weather or illness. It is the University’s responsibility to be prepared to provide students with alternative means of access to course content and to be flexible in enabling them to meet course requirements. These webpages provide faculty with strategies and resources to assist in the transition of face-to-face courses to online delivery during unexpected emergencies.

CIRT Hours
Mondays - Friday | 8am - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday | 9am - 3pm
Available via email, phone, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom

Faculty who need equipment for remote instruction may make an appointment to meet with a CIRT staff member to pick up the equipment. Email with information about the equipment you need. Appointments are limited to equipment pick up. A brief setup time is necessary for laptops and tablets. CIRT is happy to meet with faculty via Zoom for help with using equipment.