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2020-2021 Catalog
ZOO 4715C: Introduction to Canine Anatomy

Course Description for Introduction to Canine Anatomy

ZOO4715C: Introduction to Canine Anatomy
Prerequisites: BSC 1010C, BSC 1011C,BSC 2012C In this course we will study the dog as a model of mammalian anatomy. The course has obvious appeal to students pursuing studies in veterinary medicine, but those interested in other pre-professional fields will definitely benefit. The emphasis will be heavily on laboratory dissections, which are held three times a week, and will be supplemented with two lectures a week. The dissection approaches are often those taken for surgery, and many structures not located in previous courses will be found. Students will work in groups of up to four, and, to assure that all students are actively involved, dissection duties will be rotated daily within groups. (A laboratory fee of $51.93 will be assessed.)