Course Description for History of Drama and Theater II

THE3111: History of Drama and Theater II

Description: In this survey of “modern drama,” the drama that was written and performed in Europe and the United States from the late-nineteenth century to the mid-20th century, students will read and discuss realistic and naturalistic works of Ibsen, Chekhov, and Strindberg. Students will consider how American playwrights like O’Neill, Miller, Williams, and Hansberry embraced and transformed realist tenets to represent a culturally and racially diverse American landscape. Students will also read and discuss the mid-20th century wave of anti-realistic movements and avant-garde experiments that include Brecht’s epic theater, Pirandello’s meta-theater, and Beckett’s absurdist theater. The course will focus on how modern drama transformed the conventions of 19th century popular drama and the implications for acting and audience expectation.