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2022-2023 Catalog
SYA 4654: Sociological Approaches to Program Evaluation

Course Description for Sociological Approaches to Program Evaluation

SYA4654: Sociological Approaches to Program Evaluation
Prerequisite:  SYA 3300 or SOW 3404
Description: Program Evaluations are often required by government and private agencies to assess program processes and outcomes and used in decisions concerning whether programs should be continued, improved, expanded, or eliminated. In this class, we will explore the history of the program evaluation “movement” and the intersection of Evaluation Research and Applied Social Science. The course provides a framework through which the skill set developed in the basic research methods classes can be used to evaluate social programs in a variety of agencies, institutions and settings. Students will become familiar with a number of techniques and theoretical foundations utilized in Evaluation/Applied Sociology and provide hands-on experience working on an Evaluation/Applied Sociology project.