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2018-2019 Catalog
SPN 4940: Internship for Service/Employment in Spanish

Course Description for Internship for Service/Employment in Spanish

SPN4940: Internship for Service/Employment in Spanish
Prerequisite:  SPN 3242, SPN 3300, SPW 3030 and two additional 3000/4000 level SPN/SPW courses. Minimum GPA: 2.5.
Description: This course constitutes a coordinated internship in a social agency or business that requires students to employ their language skills and cultural awareness to perform a variety of tasks as determined by the internship provider and the academic supervisor. The internship will consist of a minimum number of hours in the field (i.e. 180 hours for experience in a place of employment or 90 hours for monitored volunteer work demanding the application of teaching and translating skills).
Repeatability: Internships may not be repeated for Spanish credit.