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2019-2020 Catalog
SPN 3351: Communication and Communities for Heritage Speakers

Course Description for Communication and Communities for Heritage Speakers

SPN3351: Communication and Communities for Heritage Speakers
Prerequisite:  This course has no prerequisites, but is open only to native/heritage speakers of Spanish. Native speakers are understood to be those who were raised in a Spanish-speaking country. Heritage speakers are those who grew up in the United States or elsewhere outside of the Hispanic world and potentially have had no formal training in Spanish, but who have had regular contact with the language, usually at home.
Description: This course emphasizes the development of techniques for conversation and public speaking in Spanish. Students will examine the implications of bilingual and bicultural identities and will study regional variations of Spanish. A variety of materials will be used as starting points for discussions, including articles, short stories, film and music. The course incorporates service learning components, which will allow students the opportunity to conduct projects with local Spanish-speaking communities and organizations.