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2022-2023 Catalog
SOW 4122: Inside the Asylum

Course Description for Inside the Asylum

SOW4122: Inside the Asylum

Description: Inside the Asylum engages students in a critical examination of the history of American psychiatry. Students have an opportunity to explore the evolution of existing theories of the etiology of mental illness, the sociopolitical economy of psychiatry, the rationalization of involuntary hospitalization and treatment, and the development and utilization of common treatment modalities. Students also have an opportunity to learn about the consumer/survivor and deinstitutionalization movements as well as contemporary psychiatry’s growing reliance on psychopharmacological interventions. Particular emphasis is placed upon understanding the human rights abuses endured by individuals labeled as mentally ill and the social, political, and economic forces that negatively impact this disenfranchised group. This course will be of most interest and relevance to students who wish to work in mental health or human services.