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2021-2022 Catalog
REL 4910: Senior Seminar Capstone

Course Description for Senior Seminar Capstone

REL4910: Senior Seminar Capstone
Prerequisite:  REL 2300 and REL 3102 and REL 3040
Description: This course should bring together the theoretical and methodological skills developed in the major and apply them to a specific area of data that could vary by instructor and/or by student interest. This is as an undergraduate thesis course. Students will learn how to put together their own research project within a supportive setting. Students will select their own topic and spend most of their time working on it. Class sessions will be oriented towards identifying research methods and then strategies for honing a research project and getting it to its final product. The skills developed and, at the culmination of the course, demonstrated, will be those skills the Religious Studies Major is designed to foster: clear writing, thinking, the ability to engage systematically with theoretical models and the ability it see the world through the eyes of someone else.