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2021-2022 Catalog
REL 4353: Confucianism

Course Description for Confucianism

REL4353: Confucianism

Description: This course will explore the thought and influence of one of the most influential people of all time, Confucius. Much of what we see today as distinctive contributions of East Asia to world culture comes from a Confucian approach to the world. We will begin in ancient China with the great Confucian classics, and then proceed historically through movements and developments in Confucian thought, from the Analects and the Mengzi to Dong Zhongshu, Zhu Xi, and New-Confucianism as it exists today. We will examine questions of how to categorize Confucianism: philosophy, religion, both, neither? We will also explore the Asian Values controversy and discuss the rise of Confucianism in contemporary China, including various Confucian responses to problems such as human rights, environmental ethics, and bioethics.