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2021-2022 Catalog
REL 3074: (CD) Myths and Rituals

Course Description for (CD) Myths and Rituals

REL3074: (CD) Myths and Rituals

Description: This course will examine the use of myths, rituals and symbols in the structuring of religious worlds of meaning or "sacred worlds." For this study a "religious" world will refer to a world that is structured from a "sacred" source of life-giving power for the human and natural world. The focus of the course will be the study of Native American stories, practices, and symbols that exemplify a "religious world". The second part of the course studies the effects of modernity on myths, rituals and symbols through a study of the process of secularization. The final part of the course concerns remything processes in postmodern culture through a study of current approaches to reestablishing a sacred context using myths, rituals and symbols.