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2021-2022 Catalog
PHM 3050: Ethical Issues in Death and Dying

Course Description for Ethical Issues in Death and Dying

PHM3050: Ethical Issues in Death and Dying
In this course, we take a philosophical approach to death and dying in order to understand and analyze some of the ethical, medical, psychological, and legal issues surrounding death and dying. Topics to be covered include whether life is always preferable to death, deciding how much control we should have over our own deaths, how much control (if any) advance directives should have in directing end-of-life treatments plans, how much money should be spent on expensive treatments which provide little benefit, the right of hospitals to decide when life prolonging treatment is futile, the moral obligation of doctors to tell their patients their prognosis, differential criteria for determining death, and whether one is allowed to bring about or assist in the death of another.