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2020-2021 Catalog
PGY 3952C: Study Abroad: Photography in Italy

Course Description for Study Abroad: Photography in Italy

PGY3952C: Study Abroad: Photography in Italy

Description: An introductory course designed for non-photo majors or minors who want to develop a working understanding of the fundamentals of digital photography. The course emphasizes camera controls, basic photographic techniques, and the practice of photographic seeing within the context of a study abroad experiences in Italy. Students are encouraged to explore the rich history and culture of Italy through various photographic assignments. One third (1 credit) of this class is devoted to lectures and 2/3 (2 credits) is devoted to lab. Photography majors and minors participating in the Italy Study Abroad program should register for PGY 4944 Photography Practicum. Other non-photo BFA majors should contact the department of Art and Design for registration information.