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2021-2022 Catalog
MVK 3632: Intermediate Piano Pedagogy

Course Description for Intermediate Piano Pedagogy

MVK3632: Intermediate Piano Pedagogy
Prerequisite:  MVK 3631
Description: This course is designed to prepare pedagogy students for teaching intermediate-level piano students through a study of technical concepts, teaching materials and methods, and appropriate literature from the historical style periods. The discussion of theory-based instruction and musicianship classes will be continued. Instruction includes an analytical study of the problems associated with transfer students: the appropriate techniques for confronting areas of deficiency with an emphasis upon solo literature as well as ensemble music for one, two or multiple pianos, and an examination of music instruction software, including accompanying compact discs, MIDI discs, theory computer programs, and music instruction videos. Alternative literature, including both solo and ensemble works by contemporary composers in the jazz/rock or Romantic styles will be examined. This course may incorporate observing and/or assisting in the instruction of intermediate-level piano lessons.