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2021-2022 Catalog
MUT 3631: Tonal Improvisation

Course Description for Tonal Improvisation

MUT3631: Tonal Improvisation

Description: This courses is geared toward developing musicianship through improvisation within the context of tonal musical idioms, with focus on classical and folk music genres. This course is designed for non-jazz music majors who may have limited experience improvising as classically trained instrumentalists. Seeking to incite spontaneous musical expression, analogous with conversation in spoken language, this course encourages creative and meaningful music-making by developing a comprehensive understanding of melody, harmony, and rhythm within a tonal music context by connecting aural skills with instrumental techniques. Curriculum includes an approach to improvisation through a seven-step process. Students will perform individually and together in class, and will create several musical arrangements written with music notation software. This course is restricted to students in the School of Music. This is an elective course. Permission of the instructor is required.