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2021-2022 Catalog
MUE 3392: Managing Music Classrooms and Program Administration

Course Description for Managing Music Classrooms and Program Administration

MUE3392: Managing Music Classrooms and Program Administration
Prerequisite:  MUE 2040
Description: This course focuses on developing skills to manage music classrooms, as well as professionalism, ethics, and the law. Students will develop teaching and classroom management skills through discussion, peer-teaching simulations, and observations. Students will discuss the assumptions they have about students, school, and learning and compare these to existing educational practices and research findings, and then read about and discuss a variety of philosophies, behavior and self-concept theories, and discipline/classroom management programs. Students develop a plan for managing a variety of music classroom types. The course ends with an examination of situations of interest to participants which include, among other issues, student safety, legal rights and responsibilities of teachers, meeting the varying needs of students as a result of student differences, and incorporation of teacher’s beliefs and values.
Availability: One semester per year