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2019-2020 Catalog
LDR 4263: Leadership Practicum

Course Description for Leadership Practicum

LDR4263: Leadership Practicum
Prerequisite:  LDR 3003 and LDR 3320 or LDR 3240 or SOP 3515, one secondary elective and permission of Taylor Leadership Institute
Description: This is the culminating course for the Leadership Minor. The course is normally taken during the student's final term in residence at UNF prior to graduation. Students hone their leadership style through review of leadership theory and reflection on their current and prior co-curricular activities. Examples of co-curricular activities include on-campus and off-campus activities, employment, volunteerism, community service, internships, study abroad experiences, and other forms of community-based learning. Students reflect on their experiential learning about leadership through dialogue and ongoing reflective practice. Required activities also include written reflections of co-curricular activities and a delivery of a Leadership Capstone Presentation.