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2022-2023 Catalog
LDR 3240: Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations

Course Description for Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations

LDR3240: Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations
Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Populations is designed to provide foundational skills in knowledge needed to participate in and facilitate multicultural group interactions. This course assumes that the most effective facilitators of multicultural group interactions possess a level of awareness, skill, knowledge, and passion. The topics of this course include social identity development; prejudice and stereotyping and their effects on groups; difference and dominance and the nature of social oppression; basic group facilitation skills and their applications in multicultural settings. The course addresses these and other topical areas through readings, videos, facilitated in-class dialogues, activities, simulations, role-plays, and reflective journal and writing assignments.