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2021-2022 Catalog
LAE 3210: Foundations of Literacy

Course Description for Foundations of Literacy

LAE3210: Foundations of Literacy
Prerequisite:  EDF1005
Description: This course focuses on the theories and instructional practice of early literacy instruction, including early childhood language development, the foundational role of oral language, early literacy assessments for phonological and phonemic awareness, concepts of print, and alphabetic knowledge. The primary focus of the course is on developing a deep understanding of the reading acquisition skills and related instruction at the primary level, Kindergarten through second grade, in addition to reading assessments that provide formative information on reading development. Instructional strategies in this course include literacy centers, guided reading, read alouds, shared reading, reading conferences and interactive and shared reading. Attention will be given to the role student engagement plays in student learning and how instruction can be differentiated by individual differences including English language ability. EDF 1005 is the prerequisite for this course.