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2021-2022 Catalog
INT 4410: Interpreting for Persons who are Deaf-Blind

Course Description for Interpreting for Persons who are Deaf-Blind

INT4410: Interpreting for Persons who are Deaf-Blind
Prerequisite:  INT 3271
Description: This course introduces students to the unique factors of interpreting for persons who are DeafBlind and the conditional impact on communication, mobility, employment, socialization, and daily living. The course emphasizes practicing the various modes of communication (e.g., tactile, restricted field of vision) that interpreters and Support Service Providers use when working with persons who are DeafBlind. Students become familiar with human guide techniques, touch signals, and orienting persons who are DeafBlind to the environment. The course utilizes reflective discussion and writing, and students have authentic practice with DeafBlind community members.