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2021-2022 Catalog
IDS 4890: Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone

Course Description for Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone

IDS4890: Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone
v. 0-1
Prerequisite:  IDS 3053, for Interdisciplinary Studies Majors only, consent of instructor required, and students should have senior standing .
Description: Registration in this zero to one credit course records an Interdisciplinary Studies major’s completion of the required capstone project. All students majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies must enroll in this course during the semester in which they complete their capstone project (see the Program of Study for more information). Students choosing capstone projects 1 or 2 that involve significant reflective and summative components should register for the zero credit option. Students choosing option 3, or another option without significant reflective and summative components, should register for one credit and during the course will construct a portfolio based on their major theme.