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2021-2022 Catalog
IDS 3951: (GW) Venture Studies Threshold Project

Course Description for (GW) Venture Studies Threshold Project

IDS3951: (GW) Venture Studies Threshold Project
v. 1-3
The Threshold Project, the third part of the Venture Studies Program, is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their facility with Reflective Judgment, the mode of intellectual engagement that underwrites the Program. Threshold Project courses will explore a significant and complex question raised within the student's Venture Studies course work or within the student's General Education experience. The project will demonstrate that the student understands the multidimensional nature of any significant question, and will point toward future study necessary to more fully understand the complexity of the question. The project is not intended to answer the question, but to explore the dimensions and implications of the question from the perspective of at least two disciplines. Students positioned at this threshold between Venture Studies and more specialized work within a major will make explicit their recognition that any seemingly complete answer to a question is always situated within the terms and limits of a discipline or a particular world view, and they are bidden to be both expert within their chosen field's terms and aware of their limits. Gordon Rule additional writing credit.