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2021-2022 Catalog
IDH 4937: Honors Capstone Seminar

Course Description for Honors Capstone Seminar

IDH4937: Honors Capstone Seminar
Prerequisite:  Current Honors students; IDH 1923 and IDH 3936
Description: The Honors Capstone should provide students with the occasion to think holistically about their university education, their Honors experience, the goals of Honors, and their future ambitions. The Honors Capstone will typically be a credit-bearing activity pursued in the context of advanced coursework, or an internship, or a research project, or perhaps study abroad, in conjunction with a student’s major. For that reason, every capstone project requires a discipline-based mentor who must attest to the appropriateness of the learning outcomes of the proposed project and to the satisfactory attainment of those outcomes (in the post-capstone report phase). In addition, each Honors student will work with an one of three Honors mentors who will review the anticipated relevance of the proposed project to the goals of Honors and the actual resonance between the completed project and the goals of Honors.