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2021-2022 Catalog
IDH 3924: Hicks Honors Pre-Capstone Symposium

Course Description for Hicks Honors Pre-Capstone Symposium

IDH3924: Hicks Honors Pre-Capstone Symposium
v. 0-1

Description: This course is a required introduction to the upper-division Hicks Honors College program, and focuses especially on the Capstone. The course also develops the Honors community, acquaints students with the requirements of the upper-division Hicks Honors program, provides a complete overview of the resources provided through the program, guides students in mapping out their specific curricular and co-curricular paths, and introduces them to the expectations of the e-portfolio and Capstone requirements. It may also focus on different academic themes. Participation in Honors-sponsored events outside of class time is expected. The course should be taken the semester in which students begin the upper-division Hicks Honors program.