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2021-2022 Catalog
FOT 3500: (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Spain

Course Description for (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Spain

FOT3500: (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Spain

Description: This course examines the history, people, and cultures of different regions of Spain comparatively through archival materials, architecture, art, literature and film. This course focuses on specific themes and ideas, e.g., the fundamental importance of the 711-1492 CE period of coexistence between Iberian Muslim, Christian, and Jewish cultures, in contrast with revisionist assertions of national culture in Francoist Spain (1939-1975). Students will investigate how such themes and ideas have constituted major factors in the configuration of Spanish cultural identity. The appreciation of multicultural heritage throughout the centuries and a better understanding of the challenges of modern/contemporary Spanish society and culture are further goals of FOT 3500. There are no prerequisites for this course, which is conducted in English.