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2021-2022 Catalog
EHD 4944: Deaf Education Internship

Course Description for Deaf Education Internship

EHD4944: Deaf Education Internship
Prerequisite:  EHD 4245, EHD 4261, EHD 4311, EEX 3202, EEX 4281, EEX 3250, TSL 3080, TSL 4340, LAE 3210, EHD 3000, EHD 4940, EHD 4263, ASL 4205, EHD 4293, and EHD 4291
Co-requisite: EHD 4942
Description: This course will provide students with the opportunity to teach students who are deaf and hard of hearing in a classroom. Students are expected to demonstrate teaching competencies under the observation of a cooperating master teacher of the deaf and their college internship supervisor. Students must complete all of the courses in the program of study prior to enrolling in this course in order to complete the degree requirements.
Availability: Every semester