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2021-2022 Catalog
EEX 4604: Classroom and Behavior Management

Course Description for Classroom and Behavior Management

EEX4604: Classroom and Behavior Management

Description: In this course, candidates are being prepared to impact the lives of children by the acquisition of knowledge and skills in behavior and classroom management and applying such knowledge and skills to learners with exceptionalities. This course provides teacher candidates with an opportunity to: (1) design, manage and maintain safe school and classroom environments conducive to learning; (2) implement teaching and intervention strategies derived from theory and best practice specifically designed to improve appropriate desirable behaviors and reduce behaviors that detract from the learning process; (3) analyze the relationship between behavior and environmental antecedents and consequences; (4) examine and apply how manipulations in environmental variables can increase appropriate behavior and decrease inappropriate behavior; and (5) explore legal and ethical issues related to managing student behavior.