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2019-2020 Catalog
EEL 4713L: Digital Computer Architecture Lab

Course Description for Digital Computer Architecture Lab

EEL4713L: Digital Computer Architecture Lab
Prerequisite:  EEL 3701 and EEL 3701L
Co-requisite: EEL 4713
Description: This lab is to be taken with EEL 4713. We will systematically working with a professional grade C compiler to generate code for the HC08 microprocessor. We will also develop simple device drivers for our peripheral components. In the lab, each student will construct a modern power supply and build a MicroOsprey08 computer using surface mount components. The MicroOsprey08 takes a daughter board and each student will design his or her own daughter board for interface for their class project. The class project will be a working computer with both hardware and software built by the student.
Course Fees: $75