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2021-2022 Catalog
EEC 4942: EC Student Internship

Course Description for EC Student Internship

EEC4942: EC Student Internship
Prerequisites: LAE 3210, EDF 1005, EDF 3151, EDF 4444, EDG 4410, EEC 3266, EEC 3731, EEC 4054, EEC 4207, EEC 4210, EEC 4323, EEC 4213, EEC 4245, EEC 4260, EEC 4054, TSL 3080, TSL 4340, EEX 3202 and EDG4XXX: Differentiation for all learners in P-6 Settings
Description: In consonance with the COEHS conceptual framework, this internship allows candidates to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of effective and reflective practitioners. Candidates will demonstrate their ability to effectively teach and assess all children. The course includes seminars and structured field experiences in public school settings. Candidates will demonstrate proficiency with the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices and integrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions addressed in other program courses. They will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to design, teach, and assess effective lessons in diverse learning communities. They will demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the multicultural composition of our population and those students for whom English may be a second language.