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2021-2022 Catalog
DIG 3152: Introduction to Electronic Textual Editing

Course Description for Introduction to Electronic Textual Editing

DIG3152: Introduction to Electronic Textual Editing
Prerequisite:  Sophomore standing
Description: This workshop-style course introduces students to methods of Digital Humanities research through hands-on work in the transcription/digitization, regularization, and encoding of manuscript or rare print texts. Students may also annotate and/or compose introductions to the texts in question, a process which may involve historical and/or bibliographical research. Specific requirements will vary by term, according to the particular material under consideration. Students’ work may eventually form part of online publications carried out in collaboration with the Thomas Carpenter Library or other institutions. Students will be graded on their participation in course sessions, on the quality of their editorial work, and on oral presentations and reflective writing assignments in which they will synthesize their learning.