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2021-2022 Catalog
CWR 4600: Major River Systems of Florida

Course Description for Major River Systems of Florida

CWR4600: Major River Systems of Florida
Prerequisite:  PHY 2048, PHY 2049 and MAC 2312
Description: Due to the unique geology and ecology of Florida, its river systems are vitally important to the co-existence of man and nature. The course will provide an in-depth look at current and future issues of the major river systems (St.Johns, Kissimmee, Apalachicola, etc. in Florida). It will focus on the issues that a civil engineer will come in contact within his/her career. This course will integrate the student's perspective of the human impact on the river, the legal framework and issues of water quality management, and the biotic perspective of a healthy ecosystem. Reading material will include online state river reports. A significant research paper will be required of students which examines one aspect of a major river system whether it be human induced changes, physical or biotic processes, the impact of some physiographic feature, or an aspect ecosystem.