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2021-2022 Catalog
CRW 2300: (GW) Introduction to Poetry Writing

Course Description for (GW) Introduction to Poetry Writing

CRW2300: (GW) Introduction to Poetry Writing
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 and LIT 2000 or ENG 2012 This workshop allows students to explore together the fundamentals of the craft of poetry. Students will learn the difference between poetry and prose, as well as the ability to identify the attributes that make poetry a unique and expressive art form. Students will learn basic terminology and close reading skills in order to write analyses that demonstrate precision and sensitivity to the nuances of poetic language. Students will read and memorize poems by master poets, whose work will be the focus of our analysis. Learning to explicate great poetry will provide students with skills they can apply to their own poetry, which will be the ultimate focus of this course. Gordon Rule English credit.