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2021-2022 Catalog
COM 4044: Lying and Deception

Course Description for Lying and Deception

COM4044: Lying and Deception

Description: This course will cover a number of issues surrounding lies, truth, deception, nonverbal and verbal deception leakage cues, and ethical perspectives surrounding lying and deception. This course examines lying and deception from many angles such as: lying and deception in the media, politics, the internet, hoaxes and scams, interpersonal relationships, children as liars and targets of lies, teenage lying and deception, self-deception, the validity of lie detectors, how to read subtle deception cues, what is truth, and a host of other contexts where lying, truth telling and deception come into play. This is a research-based course and studies many videos and articles to support every lecture and assignment.