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2021-2022 Catalog
CEG 3011C: Geotechnical Engineering

Course Description for Geotechnical Engineering

CEG3011C: Geotechnical Engineering
Prerequisite:  CES 3104C, CWR 3201.
Description: This course is an introduction to use of soil as a construction material and analysis techniques for geotechnical applications. Topics include soil formations, mass-volume relationships, soil classification, effective stress, compaction, seepage, soil deformation, state of stress, consolidation, strength, and failure. This course also includes a laboratory component where experiments will be conducted to obtain soil properties for use in geotechnical engineering design. Experiments include grain size distribution and soil classification, Atterberg Limits, compaction, permeability, consolidation, shear strength, and unconfined compressive strength.
Course Fees: $35