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2021-2022 Catalog
ASL 4603: First and Second Language Acquisition

Course Description for First and Second Language Acquisition

ASL4603: First and Second Language Acquisition
Prerequisite:  ASL 2140, ASL 2150, ASL4131, ASL 4211, ASL 3301, ASL 3514 and ASL 3435
Description: This course introduces students to the acquisition of a native language and the acquisition of a second language after childhood. The primary focus of this course is the acquisition of natural sign languages. The first part of the course covers typical development and important milestones in phonology, morphology, the lexicon, syntax and pragmatics. The second part of the course covers the acquisition of sign language as a second language and relevant frameworks. The course also covers issues surrounding positionality of second language singers and language ownership. Application of concepts from lectures and reading is encouraged through the collection and analysis of L1 and L2 data.